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“My hope is that one is compelled to touch the paintings, to enjoy the tactile experience of enjoying the painting. Each painting has several layers of glossy varnish in order to not only protect the painting, but to ‘draw out’ the previous layers. Quite honestly, adding the varnish is sometimes the most enjoyable part of the process for myself…the layers and depth of the paintings seeming to emerge as I brush on the varnish.”





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“We love our new painting and we’re showing it off to our guests. They never would have imagined we would pick such an abstract piece, but the colors and textures grabbed on to us and just wouldn’t let go.”

Becky (Collector)

“You have developed a great, eye-catching, recognizable style. I loved all of them.”

Bill (Art Enthusiast)


“Because my mother was a prolific artist of beautiful landscape scenes, I grew up with a strong preference for her work and that style of painting. Then came Dawn Winter’s contemporary paintings that are at the other end of artistic style for me. Even so, I am unexpectedly and consistently drawn to the profound expression of feelings and experiences that I find anew each time I look at her work in my home. My husband is far more schooled in the visual arts and thus more open-minded than I am. Our conversations about Dawn’s art always conclude with the shared opinion that she is extremely talented in the contemporary abstract field of art.”

Beth and Tim (Collectors)


"I love Dawn’s paintings because of the colors she uses, the texture and depth of the piece, and abstract nature of her work. Each time you view the piece, even hundreds of times later, you notice a new detail. Her paintings seem new every time you look at them.”

Laura (Collector)

“I am always deeply moved by your paintings. To me they are like God, beyond words, beyond understanding. But awe-filled."

Bill (Art Enthusiast)